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A hearthy welcome for young ones

Palmerston North

December 2013

Andrew Aitken

Young adults are gathering at the Palmerston North Diocese’ Te Ahi Kaa – The Hearth Place – for encouragement and support. Although we primarily serve those who live in Palmerston North we have also spent time with Kohanga at Victoria University in Wellington and The Grove in Lower Hutt this year. Faith, hospitality and service are the foundations of our community.

This year I have lived in the Te Ahi Kaa community with Anna, Janice, Will, Jonny and Mary-Grace. Together, we have hosted many events for young adults in Palmerston North and from further abroad.

After 6pm Mass on a Sunday we regularly host an event – discussion night, movie night, praise and worship or simply inviting people out to the pub.

We have also organised and/or hosted an ANZAC day tramp, a cocktail party, a clothes swap, a murder mystery party, a story night with Megan McKenna from the United States and an inspirational talk from Sam Clear, an Australian who has walked across continents to raise awareness for unity.

As a household we have been on retreats in Otaki, Kopua and Featherston as well as to Wellington a number of times. We have been encouraged to learn and grow, not only in our faith, but in all aspects of our lives.

I would like to encourage all young adults who will be living in Palmerston North next year to make the most of this community the diocese has provided whether that be living here for the year or participating in some of the events. Te Ahi Kaa is a great community in which to live, learn and work.

For more information on Te Ahi Kaa please contact Mary-Grace Williams.