Stewardship – A Future Full of Hope

Stewardship is about each one of us putting the Gospel into action. It arises from a spirituality which recognises that everything we have is a gift from God and should be returned to God. We are called into a living out of our discipleship of Jesus and invited into a radical vision of how our gifts can be used to benefit others and serve the kingdom. Stewardship therefore has the capacity to be a force for radical hope in our lives, and in our communities, inviting us towards ever greater gratitude, generosity and accountability for what we have each been given: our time, our talent and our treasure. It is a call to live open-handedly and open heartedly from a sense of abundance, rather than from a sense of scarcity.

A Co-responsible Church in a Reimagined Archdiocese

We become a Co-responsible Church when, as individuals and together, we

  • receive the gifts of God with gratitude
  • grow and develop our gifts responsibly
  • share them lovingly in justice with others
  • stand before the Lord in a spirit of accountability

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