Liturgy and Prayer

In the Archdiocese of Wellington, we aim to:

  • Be an outward-focused community, compassionately listening to and praying for the hidden voices within and beyond our community.
  • Be led by the Spirit to bring God’s Word and Eucharist to all people with commitment and passion.
  • Be, as a community, open and flexible in prayer, spirituality and liturgy so that our sacraments are meaningful and connected to people’s experience.
  • Encourage and celebrate a variety of opportunities to develop and encourage different styles of individual and family prayer life.
  • Enhance personal spiritual growth which will support and enrich hospitality within the gathered community, enabling us to be Eucharist to all.
  • Provide training and ongoing formation for active lay participation in all liturgical ministries, particularly preaching.
  • Actively involve the gifts of the community through personal invitation.
  • Affirm and empower all leaders – lay, ordained, men and women.
  • Incorporate silence and reflective moments in liturgies which will be creative, culturally diverse and enriched by varied and appropriate music and environment.
  • Recognise the diversity of our community as a gift of God.
  • Acknowledge this diversity by:
    • Deepening our understanding, especially in Pastoral Areas, of the tradition of our Aotearoa New Zealand Church and the whakapapa of our parishes
    • Living out our bi-cultural partnership within our multi-cultural context, reflecting both in our liturgies and prayer
    • Discerning and using the gifts of all.
  • Fully embrace active youth participation and ministry, which recognise the giftedness and creativity of our young people.