Family and Young Church Ministries Vicariate


The family is at the heart of the Church and its work.

We as Church seek to meet all people where they are; to respond to their needs and concerns and to involve them in sharing the amazing gift they are with the wider community.  Collaboration is the key to this so as an Archdiocesan Vicariate we are committed to supporting, resourcing, connecting and strengthening parishes, pastoral areas, chaplaincies, movements, organisations and ministry personnel. Our aim is to work with families and young people in their communities around the Archdiocese.

The Family and Young Church Vicariate office will be guided by the Archdiocesan Mission statement in the development of its work streams… to fulfil the mission of serving those who serve the church under the themes of • Celebrating God in our lives • Growing in community • Sharing our living faith • Working for justice and peace.

Services currently include:

1. Side by side mentoring
2. Faith Development – Our Family Resources
3. Interchurch / Interfaith Family Support
4. Widowed, Separated and Divorced Ministry
5. Berrigan House – Catholic Worker House of Hospitality at Victoria University of Wellington
6. Youth and Young Adult Ministry Support
7. Support for College Chaplaincy

Make sure you check out the meet the team pages and the resources in each section.

For more, contact:

Chris Duthie-Jung

(04) 496-1759 or Email.

Or you can drop in and visit us at the Catholic Centre on Hill Street.