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Being Christ to one another

Book review

Kieran Fenn fms

September 2013

You Visited Me: A Pastoral Care Companion, by Fr James B Lyons. Published by Pleroma Press.

This fourth, revised edition of Fr James Lyons’ popular book is an aid to all those engaged in a variety of gospel services.

Anyone  involved in ministry to the sick, the elderly and those in prison, as well as people on their own spiritual journey, will find this book an ideal resource for a range of activities.

The book has a specific application to those engaged in the expanding church roles of chaplaincy, those carrying the Eucharist to others.

It bears the imprint of years of personal pastoral experience as well as practical advice for those engaged in ministry.

The content moves from pastoral wisdom for the beginning visitor, the preparation, presentation and prayer for Eucharistic visitation, a rich resource of occasional prayer and reflection based on traditional practices such as the Rosary, Psalms, images, Gospel, words of hope and healing.

Poetry and prose wend their way through this gem of a book, an indispensable tool for chaplains and a deeply spiritual resource for the spiritual traveller of our day.