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Book review – Lectio Divina: The Year of Luke


Kieran Fenn fms
2 December 2012

The Gospel of Luke has done much to shape our under­standing of the compassionate, forgiving and loving Father through the parable of the Prodigal Son. Forgiveness comes through in the repentant thief on the cross.

This is the gospel of joy, 20 ref­erences beginning with the joyful tidings to the shepherds at the birth of Jesus.

The need to be generous to the poor is told in the parable of the rich fool.The role of prayer and the Holy Spirit are threaded through the gospel. Jesus journeys through the pages and we, too, are invited on a journey through the Lukan gospel in this Year of Faith.

A useful resource for this journey is the New Zealand Bible Society book on the Sunday readings from the Gospel of Luke, as Lectio Divina or ‘sacred reading’.

This format is an ideal prepara­tion for greater participation in the Liturgy of the Word and deepens understanding of the beauty, themes and message of the this gospel.

One approach to Lectio Divina is expressed in the acronym SOAP – scripture reading, observation of the passage’s content, application of what the reading is saying to me and P for the prayer that emerges from the other steps.

The book would be ideal as a prayer resource for busy people who are encouraged to try daily to seize 15 minutes of prayer time and for scripture groups gathering to prepare for Sunday readings.

This volume is now available through the Bible Society. Email or call 0800 424-253.