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Increasing workload

The workload for teachers seems to be increasing year by year as the fixing of one social ill after another is laid at the door of the school. I wonder if they are not a handy, captive group on which we can all lay our responsibilities.

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A poem about teachers

This poem talks about when a child’s central reference point moves from the parent to the teacher.

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From the students

‘Teachers are creatures different from other humans. They have all the personalities you could possibly think of. They can make you laugh or even cry. But just remember, my fellow New Zealanders, they help us learn.’
‘Teachers are good because they

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The teacher a central figure

From letters written in praise of teachers.
Teachers have brought precious gifts to our children’s lives – it seems that the right person is there at the right time – the teacher who brought them love and self-esteem, who encouraged and built their c

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Bygones recalled at Hastings’ church

Hastings’ Blossom Festival last September celebrated the city’s 50th anniversary and recalled the contribution of Catholics to the city over 122 years.

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Hastings’ newest priest celebrates in home parish

Following the death of his wife Felix Tapaparoa Ngapare was cast adrift, rudderless, but still with a deep yearning in his heart. As a young man, and then as a married man living in New Zealand, his life revolved around his love of church and family. Read more »

Of Advent, Joseph, Mary and Christmas

I would like to take the forgotten figure of Joseph for our reflection with Advent just around the corner. Joseph was the husband of Mary, the man with whom she spent many years of her life, for better or worse. It would be hard to imagine a worse beginni

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The Little Company of Mary

‘Lord, your people, the suffering and the dying, are my people.’ So wrote Venerable Mary Potter as she reflected on her life’s work: the foundation of the Little Company of Mary Sisters devoted to a life of prayer and care for the sick and dying of the wo

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Passionists elect new leader

The Passionist provincial for Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea, has been elected deputy to the order’s father general.
South Australian, Fr Denis Travers CP, was elected Vicar General and First Consultor of the Worldwide Congregation of th

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Remembering 5/11 Parihaka’s peace

St Joseph’s in Upper Hutt made last Sunday, 5 November, a day of peace and remembrance of New Zealand’s great resistance movement at Parihaka.
When most people were celebrating Guy Fawkes, St Joseph’s chose to mark the anniversary of this much more

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