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A mosaic approach to Holy Week


Students at St Joseph’s, Waipukurau, represented Christ’s passion in the form of mosaic stations of the Cross for a Holy Thursday presentation.

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Whanganui Voice For Life turns 35

The branch started in 1972 when 350 people gathered in Whanganui’s Māorial Hall Concert Chamber, to hear the late Sir William Liley speak, and show slides of the stages of a developing baby in the womb.

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Soapbox: evolution and the story of Adam and Eve

This is an occasional spot for those who write a well reasoned argument in response to an article previously published in Wel-com. Retired Hamilton lawyer, John Fong, has written a rebuttal to Br Kieran Fenn’s paper on the evolution of creation (Wel-com March and April 2007). Br Kieran’s reply is at the end.

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Living in the now brings inner peace

Being present in the now was a gift to be prized, American psychologist Robert Wicks told a gathering in Sacred Heart Cathedral one Saturday morning last month. Robert Wicks who specialises in the integration of psychology and spirituality has been in New Zealand sharing his wisdom on letting go of unnecessary obsessions in order to deepen one’s spiritual life.

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Human beings or human becomings


Research into submissions on what has become known as the anti-beating or anti-child violence bill, passed last month, suggests that a significant proportion of society views children as not yet human beings.

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A letter to parents

Joy Cowley wrote this poem for the Vigil of Prayer for Children held in St Paul’s Cathedral during a rally in Parliament last month against the bill to repeal Section 59 of the Crimes Act 1961.

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