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Cultural changes in bedside behaviour

One of the corporal works of mercy, as anyone who remembers their penny catechism will know, is visiting the sick. It’s one of our basic responsibilities as followers of Christ. How we live out this important part of our common Christian vocation will vary considerably depending on the culture to which we belong. Is individual illness a private or public matter?

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Raetihi church turns 100


On the 17 March, St Patrick’s parish, Seddon Street, Raetihi, was 100 year old and celebrated the occasion on Sunday 25 with Mass at 11 am followed by a luncheon. The little church opened in the main street of the township on the feast of St Patrick, 1907.

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Human trafficking: the fastest growing crime


Human trafficking is equal with drugs trafficking and illegal arms dealing as the biggest international crimes. But trafficking in human beings is outgrowing drugs and arms because, whereas they can be consumed or used only once, people can be sold over and over again.

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Synod 2006 salt and light and sourdough yeast

‘You are like sourdough yeast. The yeast needs sustenance to grow. And when that happens, it can be divided and shared with others. Those others in turn need to give their share of life and sustenance, otherwise the yeast will die. Just think of the beautiful bread that is baked, as a result of feeding the yeast.’

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The Simpsons on liturgy


In a recent episode of The Simpsons, Ned Flanders is confused that his sons obviously prefer the supervision of neighbour Marge Simpson to that of their own father. When he asks them why they like it so much when Marge spends time with them, his boys reply, ‘She makes us happy. And not Church happy – real happy.’

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