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The gift on the back doorstep

One year, a week before Christmas, my children and I came home to find a gift on the back doorstep. This gift was an enormous bag of sweets and a dozen cans of soft drink. There was no card on the gift and none of our neighbours had seen anyone approachin

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Making peace in Fiji

Koila Costello-Olsson of the Ecumenical Centre for Research, Education and Advocacy (ECREA) in Fiji, is someone who has been a witness to troubled times around the two military coups in her country. ECREA is a partner of Caritas Aotearoa New Zealand.
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Caring for the earth is maintaining our home

‘The earth is our only home. We don’t have anywhere else.’ This was one of the messages two members of the Justice, Peace and Development Commission of Palmerston North Diocese took from the Catholic Earthcare Australia conference in Melbourne last month.

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An afternoon with Suzanne Aubert

On 12 November more than 120 people from all around Hawke’s Bay packed St Mary’s Parish Centre in Taradale to hear noted biographer Jessie Munro share her vast knowledge of the woman who may be New Zealand’s first saint, Suzanne Aubert.
The winner o

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To go or not to go to Mass – parish school survey

A family survey in Palmerston North has found that people are more inclined to go to Mass if there are children’s liturgies and sacramental programmes, or if they feel a sense of belonging.
The survey was a joint initiative between St Patrick’s Paris

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Cambodia’s slow recovery from the Khmer Rouge

‘I want to make my country safe for my people,’ says Cambodian Aki Ra. It’s a nice sentiment but when the story behind those words is known, it takes on a whole new meaning.
Cambodia is littered with landmines. It is estimated that between six millio

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Book review: Irish Catholicism since 1950

The title of this book sets the scene for an in-depth study of the Irish Catholic Church over a period of 30 years. The author presents the Church in Ireland as it existed before Vatican II when the power and influence of the Irish Church was at its peak

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Book review: Geering a religious athiest?

For decades, Professor Lloyd Geering has bestrode the stage of religion in New Zealand and beyond. So the media in particular has sought him out as the guru of modern religions especially Christianity. Many Christians have winced and disagreed with many o

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Two plus two equals four but in the bible?

If we are told someone died at the age of 82 or there was a fire on the fifth floor of a building we would all agree on the meaning of the numbers. In contrast, when we are told that Jesus cured a man ill for 38 years (Jn 5:5), or after the multiplication

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