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Archbishop John


The World Youth Day Cross and Icon, entrusted to the youth of the world by Pope John Paul II in 1984, are coming to the diocese in June.

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Synod 2006 salt and light and sourdough yeast

‘You are like sourdough yeast. The yeast needs sustenance to grow. And when that happens, it can be divided and shared with others. Those others in turn need to give their share of life and sustenance, otherwise the yeast will die. Just think of the beautiful bread that is baked, as a result of feeding the yeast.’

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The Simpsons on liturgy


In a recent episode of The Simpsons, Ned Flanders is confused that his sons obviously prefer the supervision of neighbour Marge Simpson to that of their own father. When he asks them why they like it so much when Marge spends time with them, his boys reply, ‘She makes us happy. And not Church happy – real happy.’

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African villagers benefit from NZ wedding


When former Sacred Heart College student, Miriam Davie, married Matt Bayliss last month, a goat, food baskets and money for charity replaced the usual raft of wedding gifts.

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Columban calls for action on behalf of earth


‘Climate change is not just one environmental problem among a host of others’ – along with the massive extinction of species – it ‘is by far the most serious environmental issue facing humankind and the planet’. And ‘what is at stake are ultimately ethical and religious issues’.

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