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CWL recommits to working for social issues

An increase in government spending on rest home workers and overseas aid, as well as concern for a range of social issues were part of a two-day annual conference last month of the more than 90 Catholic Women’s League members from Wellington Archdiocese.

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Gala day success

Donkey ‘doos’ proved a popular feature in a fundraising gala at Whanganui’s St Mary’s parish in February.

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Poverty banquet espouses Lent goals

For the 75 people who showed up to share a bowl of rice with a spoonful of veges, it was more like fasting or a serious diet than a banquet. The idea, of course, was to make us aware of the plight of millions of poor people all over the world, many of whom would have been lucky to enjoy such a meal.

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St Pat’s Community Cafe


The gap between rich and poor in New Zealand is growing. According to Make Poverty History, the proportion of all children in severe and significant hardship in New Zealand has increased from 18 to 26 percent since 2000.

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Papal award tops off jubilee

The Golden Jubilee of religious profession of Sr Peter Chanel Hoban RNDM was held March 9-11 at St Patrick’s Parish, Napier.

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Unleashing the writer


Two creative women with many years experience and flair in their respective fields are featuring at the Josephite Retreat Centre, Whanganui, in the next few weeks.

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Iraq war ‘totally against Jesus’ nonviolent message’


Cecily McNeill
3 April 2007

Fr John Dear has been travelling through Australia with his impassioned message modelled on Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King, speaking out against the ’35 wars’ throughout the world, in all of which America is involved. His protesting has led him many times to the Pentagon with friends to carry out such creatively nonviolent actions as sitting on the floor in the foyer outside the lifts and reading aloud the names of those who have been killed in the Iraq war.

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Compassion centenary


The tragedy of the human suffering which leads to suicide is not being loved or not knowing that you are loved. Fr Richard Taylor of Angelicum University in Rome told the Sisters of Compassion during a seminar in Whanganui last month that Christianity is the only religion that really addresses the issue of human suffering.

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