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Land and environment in PN spotlight

The suffering of people is often linked to the way we treat the planet. A reflection from workshops held in the Palmerston North diocese during Social Justice Week in September.

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The question of Noah and his descendants


Can we take Noah’s story literally when the list in Genesis 10 mentions only people of black and white races? Nothing is said of other ethnic groups because the author of the list knew only the Near East of his time.

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Wellington’s newest priest a humble vineyard worker

For 18 years after leaving school, David worked in the New Zealand Customs Service … always thinking in the back of his mind that he would like to become a priest. ‘But I kept putting it aside because I thought I wasn’t good enough, not holy enough.

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Collaborative ministry working well in Wellington

Br Loughlan Sofield and Sr Carroll Juliano worked with pastoral areas in the Wellington Archdiocese in August and say they are impressed with the extent to which Wellington is already using collaborative ministry.

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Editorial: the last shall be first

Today’s gospel reading makes an outrageous call on the followers of Jesus that they ignore the carefully drafted laws of cleanliness and invite the poor, the unclean and the lame to dine with them.

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