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Raetihi church turns 100


On the 17 March, St Patrick’s parish, Seddon Street, Raetihi, was 100 year old and celebrated the occasion on Sunday 25 with Mass at 11 am followed by a luncheon. The little church opened in the main street of the township on the feast of St Patrick, 1907.

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Human trafficking: the fastest growing crime


Human trafficking is equal with drugs trafficking and illegal arms dealing as the biggest international crimes. But trafficking in human beings is outgrowing drugs and arms because, whereas they can be consumed or used only once, people can be sold over and over again.

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Trafficked: victims’ stories of abuse and neglect


They did prostitution 15 hours a day, seven days a week. When they finally escaped immigration officials ‘did nothing’ to help them. Some left being told they owed thousands of dollars, others feared for the safety of their families after they escaped.

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Huge disparities in health care


‘Problems with access to health care are often far wider than cost. The reality is that with a sicker population, which Māori are, they need to be able to get to hospital.’ – Bridget Robson

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200 years of St Brigid’s teaching inspiration


The order was founded in Ireland on 1 February 1807. Bishop Daniel Delany gathered together six women to form the nucleus of the new congregation dedicated to meeting the needs of the people by providing educational opportunities. St Brigid was their patroness.

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The genesis of Genesis


The need to present the God of Israel as strong and powerful in a time of Jewish adversity sparked the writing of chapter one, long after chapter two had become common currency.

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