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Proud to be lay in collaborative ministry


Barbara Rowley of St Bernadette’s Parish, Naenae, is celebrating her first year of officially being appointed as lay pastoral leader working in relationship with St Michael’s Parish, Taita. Barbara partially agrees with John Kleinsman (Getting to know the lay of the land) on the negative connotations of the word ‘lay’ but, she says, these are changing as more people become involved in the church.

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The cross and icon cross the Tasman

The biggest event so far as kiwi ambassadors – Josie Leota, Wellington, and Jane Dravitski, Palmerston North, escort the cross and icon across the Tasman.

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Wairoa school celebrates staff


Support Staff Day at Saint Joseph’s School, Wairoa, began with a special prayer service to acknowledge the work of teacher aides

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Getting to know the lay of the land

It strikes me that it is hard to escape the fact that the term ‘lay’ has pejorative overtones; he or she is ‘just’ a lay person. Consider also the following dictionary definitions: A lay-by is a portion of road widened to permit a vehicle to stop without interfering with the main flow of traffic; a lay shaft is a secondary shaft of a machine not forming part of the main system of power-transmission; a lay figure is ‘a jointed wooden figure for arranging drapery on etc; unimportant person, nonentity;

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College students master university theology


The paper: Religion, Ethics and Law in a Secular Society, extended the knowledge of the six Year 13s from St Mary’s College, into the fields of philosophy, theology, ethics, and politics and introduced them to a range of great thinkers such as Descartes, Sartre, Rousseau, Hobbes, Newbigin and O’Donovan.

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Searching for a meaning in the lost ark


From the time of the discovery of the wooden relic of St Jacob in the seventh century to the 18th century vision of the pastor of Bayzit, at the foot of the mountains, expeditions to what is now known as Turkey have continued, with lots of claims being made but no proof.

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Rachel’s journey to the stage


Sacred Heart College, Napier, Year 13 student, Rachel Doohan, has just landed the part of Victoria the white kitten in the local operatic society’s production of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s musical, Cats. Here she talks about her journey to this point.

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Bishops’ stem cell views debated in youth parliament


Two St Mary’s College students had a taste of the cut and thrust of parliamentary debate during their school holidays last month. Rachel Kleinsman and Natasha Perry presented the New Zealand Bishops’ Conference submission on stem cell research to the Science select committee of Youth Parliament.

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