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Who did the bible’s first murderer marry? His sister?


Clearly we are in a world of blood feuds and protective clan marks, from a much later time than human beginnings. The Yahwist uses the story of a later period to point out that sin was lurking at the door from human origins, that it had to be mastered (Gen 4:7), and murder lay a long way back in the human story.

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Sister honoured in Queen’s B’day list


Sister Paula is committed to the social teaching of the Church. She speaks out for the rights of workers, women, marginalised members of society, fairness under the Treaty of Waitangi and especially young people.

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Maori and Pakeha worldviews and spirituality

The roots of Māori spirituality lie deep in their ancestral heritage. It is something they share with all Polynesian peoples, but it goes even further back in time to include all Austronesian peoples.

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Timor-Leste in election turmoil


World News Cecily McNeill9 July 2007 Counting is expected to be underway in Timor Leste this weekend as the country chooses the government in the second parliament since the tiny Pacific nation gained independence from Indonesia in 1999. Timor’s independence came with a high price—massive bloodshed at the hands of Indonesian militia reluctant to hand

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A view of Maori apostolate in Palmerston North

Palmerston North Rex Begley9 July 2007 Maori Apostolate in the Palmerston North Diocese continues to be a work in progress, building on foundations from the past and developing new initiatives. For many Catholic Maori the Hui Aranga each Easter continues to be a significant focal point. This goes back to the early days of the

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