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Challenge 2000 Odyssey Programme

WelCom October 2018:

Aaron Itinteang

Challenge 2000 team participants learning about trust. Photo: Supplied

Odyssey is a 10-week youth development programme for leadership and faith led by Challenge 2000. On our programme we have a mix of 20 students, Uni students and young workers. Recently, we focused on building community and trust activities. We began with some fun games, followed by an introduction about what trust is, and how it is gained and used in our everyday lives, and a relaxing meditation exercise based on breathing and awareness.

Next, we split into three small groups to discuss and to learn about how to trust and bond more closely. A popular activity was the ‘blindfold walk’ around Challenge. Participants put their faith in directions given by their partner. The leader had to prove they were trustworthy. The final activity was a ‘trust fall’ in threes, which saw some fear and apprehension as well as joy. The session wrapped with participants’ feedback and a meal before new friends farewelled one another until their next meeting.

If you’d like to get involved in any Challenge Youth programmes as a participant or volunteer please email aaronitinteang@challenge2000.org.nz or call Challenge 2000 on (04) 477-6827.

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