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Current of Grace Convention

WelCom August 2017: Dove Women’s Fellowship, Joshua Men’s Fellowship and Charismatic Renewal are combining their annual retreats this year to celebrate the Church’s 50th Anniversary of Renewal – a local follow-on event from the Pentecost celebration in Rome with Pope Francis.

The Current of Grace Conference 2017: celebrating the diverse fruits and family or Catholic Charismatic Renewal on New Zealand – is from Friday 22 to Sunday 24 September in Palmerston North at the Distinction Hotel and the Cathedral of the Holy Spirit.

The Golden Jubilee celebrations will feature a dinner and the history of CCRNZ book launch. Speakers include: Bishop Denis Browne; Anna-Marie Barrett; Fr John Rae; Ann Brereton ICCRS; and Diane Ingle CCRNZ Chair.

‘Many fruits have been birthed from the renewal over the years and this is a celebration for all, of the Holy Spirit working in the church of New Zealand,’ says Gerard Honiss, National Secretary, Joshua Men’s Fellowship.

Go online to ccrnz.org/register2017 for registration details.