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Editorial: Voting and vocation focus

August 2014


Annette Scullion

Vocations is the central theme in Wel-Com August 2014 issue, with Vocations Awareness Week running from 3 to 10 August.

We are each called to respond to God with discernment throughout our lives.

This is eloquently referenced in Kieran Fenn’s article ‘The Annunciation: A Call to Vocation’: ‘God sought the permission of a representative of the human race before coming to dwell among us – to do otherwise would have been to override human freedom’.

The choices of a vocational path – or paths – are important milestones that involve family, educational and peer input, deep discussion and personal reflection.

Whether the journey ahead is study, a profession, service, industry, creativity, marriage, parenthood, single life, a Church vocation, or a multitude of other options – we thrive when whatever we choose to do is expressed through our individual abilities, talents and gifts. These enable us to enact Christ’s teachings in the world.

And our vocational journeys can and may well change throughout the course of our lives in a transforming world.

Choosing a vocation in the Church is something done with deep personal conviction and public commitment within the context of the faith community.

Observations about vocations are central to the columns from Archbishop John and Archdiocesan Pastoral Services Director Mike Noonan. And articles and reflections from a range of diocesan clergy, professed religious and lay people about their vocational journeys are a feature.

Wel-Com aims to report on the life of the Church in the Archdiocese of Wellington and the Diocese of Palmerston North. Educative and thought-provoking articles are also presented about the Church in the world as we are confronted at times by literally seismic changes.

In the lead up to the New Zealand general election, on Saturday, 20 September, the New Zealand Catholic Bishops have issued a public statement, and we read other reflections about voting.

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Spending time together and sharing stories in Wel-Com about our communities helps to discern the core messages of our shared, living faith.