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Facelift for tertiary chaplaincy

Jason Mackiewicz

For some time the tertiary chaplaincy has been wrestling with the idea of change. It’s a process that involves a loss of the familiar and fear of what is to come. But these are things the chaplaincy team is ready to face. After an extensive consultative process, we are preparing the way for major changes to Kohanga, the Tertiary Chaplaincy Centre at 4 Kelburn Parade.

The plan is to make the current facilities more accessible to students and staff in the tertiary environment. Greater visibility, more usable space, and better accessibility have driven the plans currently under consideration.

With the help of Don Jamieson Architects, our hopes rest on a radical change to the ground floor, which will constitute the first stage of the renovation. Out of dead space it will create a new social and communal space that is larger, and, most importantly, able to be accessed by people with disabilities.

Such grand endeavours are not undertaken out of the blue. The project was initiated by a generous donation from the Trinity Newman Trust, which has supported the chaplaincy in the past by providing funds for a part-time lay chaplain. This offer will fund much of the first stage of renovation, but even more is needed, so watch this space. And remember us in your prayers.

The current facilities were bought in 1984 with the help of the Mary Katherine Hyde estate. We hope that similar acts of faith in the importance of ministry with young adults will encourage others to contribute to improving what we have.

Large or small, through prayer or through financial contribution, we thank you for your support.