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Farewell to Kathy from Brooklyn

Archdiocesan News

Sue Devereux

The faith community of St Bernard’s Brooklyn has farewelled their lay pastoral leader, Dr Kathy Orr-Nimmo. The parish and school gathered for a final Mass on 30 June to thank her for her five-and-a-half years of faithful service.

Speakers paid tribute to the joy Kathy brought to the parish. Music was her specialty and the parish was immediately encouraged to make singing a vibrant part of the Mass.

Kathy also believed in full participation and soon had everyone involved in ministries – with the ability and authority to make a difference in the roles they were given.

She did this so well that now, without her leadership, the parish is carrying on amazingly well, as each person continues to do their bit in the various parish ministries.

Kathy’s concern for young people led her to begin the 11-up club for young people. Being part of this group encouraged the young people to stay connected to the parish as they left primary school for college.

It was to this group that Kathy gave her farewell gift – the latest book of 500 Games to Play was presented to John Zillwood who coordinates the young people.

Kathy played a significant role in the archdiocese as one of the first lay pastoral leaders to take charge of a parish. She took up this role with enthusiasm and helped shape the path for lay pastoral leaders.

Kathy has accepted a new challenge – using another of her specialist talents – as senior historian in the Waitangi Tribunal.

The archdiocese and, in particular, the parish and school in Brooklyn wish her all the very best and sincerely thank her for her years of service.