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Hawke’s Bay RNDM Sisters

WelCom July 2017: Sunday 4 June marked the Church’s ‘birthday’ at Pentecost. It also marks the day the RNDM sisters (Congregation of Our Lady of the Missions) took their vows many years ago. The Special Character Committee at Sacred Heart College in Napier wanted to recognise this by holding a Liturgy at the school’s Urupa (burial ground) to honour the Sisters.

RNDM Sisters with Year 13 student Bridget Hannan. Photo: Supplied

Not many schools can claim to have a place of rest for their departed but Sacred Heart College,  students are reminded every day of the early sisters who established this school and paved the way for the its young Catholic women.

The Urupa was originally behind the school but as the college has expanded it has become its spiritual centre. On 6 June local RNDM sisters were invited to this sacred space to pay their respects to the sisters of the past. Students of the Catholic Character Committee enjoyed listening to the sisters as they shared their personal faith journeys during the Liturgy.

Bridget Hannan is a Year 13 student and Kelly Briggs DRS at Sacred Heart College, Napier.

Bridget Hannan and Kelly Briggs