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James K Baxter exhibitions at Suzanne Aubert Heritage Centre

WelCom August 2018:

Deirdre Hanlon

Two exhibitions connected to Hiruhārama-Jerusalem on the Whanganui River are showing from 22 July to 20 September at the Suzanne Aubert Heritage Centre, Our Lady’s Home of Compassion, Island Bay.

Work by MB Stoneham inspired at Jerusalem-Hiruhārama.

‘Burying a Poet: the Tangihanga of James K Baxter’ depicts images by photographer William Farrimond during the tangihanga on 25 October 1972. The images are a selection from originals at the Alexander Turnbull Library. The photos were blessed by Ngāti Hau before being displayed in the Heritage Centre.

‘The Sister & the Poet: Jerusalem’ depicting Suzanne Aubert and James K Baxter is the work MB Stoneham. The 21 images were developed following a series of visits and retreats to the original site of the Home of Compassion on the Whanganui river. The work demonstrates an exploration of printmaking techniques and processes. MB Stoneham will speak about the printing processes she used at the Heritage Centre at 1pm, Saturday 11 August; followed at 2pm with hands-on printmaking of native plants. Entry is free.

For more information contact Deirdre Hanlon, Visitor Experience Manager, heritagecentre@compassion.org.nz ph (04) 282-1953.