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“Love More. Be More”

WelCom April 2018:

The theme for this year’s Caritas SINGout4JUSTICE song-writing competition is: ‘Love more. Be more.’

It is easy to get caught up in pursuit of material success. Christ reminds us the purpose of life is not ‘getting’ and ‘having’, but ‘loving’ and ‘being’; being who we are
called to be and reaching out to others in love.

“Love is the only light which can constantly illuminate in a world grown dim.” – Pope Francis.

More than 100 students participated and impressed the judges in last year’s SINGout4JUSTICE competition with their creativity and musical talent.

Go online to caritas.org.nz/singout4justice to complete an entry form to register an original song composition for the Caritas SINGout4JUSTICE 2018 music competition.

Entries close on Friday 11 May.

For more information, contact Michael Stewart at MichaelS@caritas.org.nz