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Makeover for relocated classroom space

St Matthew’s School students and staff enjoy their new deck. Photo: Supplied

WelCom November 2017: Earlier this year, St Matthew’s School Marton gave one of their relocatable classrooms to St Mary’s School in Whanganui. But the space left behind at St Matthew’s was not a nice area, Palmerston North Diocese Property Operations Manager, Corinne Richdale, said. ‘So we decided to put a deck and a roof over the empty space to give the children some shade in summer and shelter in winter. It looks great and the school loves it.’

Principal Tom Sheehan said the new deck has been operating since September. ‘It is nothing short of a stunning asset for St Matthew’s School community and it’s given everyone a huge lift. On sunny days we now have shade, and on days with pouring rain we have a dry-weather entrance and an exit and eating area.’

The school is planning a potluck dinner for parents in early November where the deck will be officially opened and blessed.

Corinne Richdale says, ‘It was a very small investment for very big returns!’