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Monty’s Minders

Katie, Monty and Greta.

WelCom May 2018:

Asta Lanceley-Stokes and Courtney Pomeroy

Last year Fr Don Morrison’s beloved West Highland Terrier Harry passed away. The streets of Featherston were not the same without Father and his little white dog, so the people of the parish quickly found him a 10-month-old West Highland Terrier.

Fr Don’s dogs have a history of starting with H: Haggis, Hamish and Harry. However, this puppy came with the name Monty and, as it would have been very confusing for the puppy to change his name, he stayed Monty.

Fr Don has recently retired and, as a way to help him, the Year 7 and 8 students of St Teresa’s School formed ‘Monty’s Minders’. Lesley Wardle, from the parish, was very generous and spent a couple of days training us.

‘Monty’s Minders’ with parishioner Lesley Wardle. Photos: Supplied

As Monty’s Minders we have to go to collect Monty from Father’s house just down the road. We put on our fluro vests, name tags and get the necessary tools to walk a dog – plastic bags and a stick. Then we take Monty on a chosen route around the streets of Featherston and drop him off back at Father’s house.

Monty has some weird, but cute, habits. When we walk around the block every morning he stops at one particular spot at the Train Park where he goes on his stomach and drags himself on the wet grass with his little white paws. He loves to chase acorns and stones and to sprint with us along some streets.

It is a privilege to walk Monty and we are glad we are able to help Fr Don by doing it.

Asta Lanceley-Stokes and Courtney Pomeroy are Year 7 students at St Teresa’s School, Featherston.