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Mother Teresa Film inspires post-tsunami world

A $20 million movie portrayal of one of the most beloved humanitarians of the 20th century, Mother Teresa, will begin its nationwide release in May.

Filmed in Sri Lanka and Italy, Mother Teresa is the life-story of a simple nun who, although small in stature, showed the world that unconditional faith and strength of spirit were more formidable forces than size or power alone.

The movie inspires us to imagine what we as individuals can do to make the world a more compassionate place, especially in times of terrorism, famine and natural disasters.

Never owning more than a blue and white sari, Mother Teresa influenced the decisions of the powerful. She elected to live and work among Calcutta’s poorest, feeding and housing abandoned children, lepers and the dying.

Mother Teresa’s vocation was to give hope to those who had lost it, and to recognise the face of God in those who suffered.

She challenged authorities, including the church, and stood steadfast in adversity, believing absolutely that she was doing the will of God.

Missionaries of Charity, the order she established in 1950, continues its work in many countries today, including Australia.

Mother Teresa died in 1997, and this movie was produced to coincide with her beatification in October 2003. Golden Globe award-winning actor, Olivia Hussey (Romeo and Juliet), plays the title role, a request Mother Teresa made before she died.

The performance of Olivia has received high praise from Missionaries of Charity’s Sister Nirmala (Mother Teresa’s successor) and Agi Bojaxhieu, Mother Teresa’s niece.

‘After what happened on September 11 and other recent world events,’ said Olivia, ‘I believe people need films and stories to lift their spirits, and this woman’s story will do that.’

Screening dates, advanced ticket sales and a preview are available on www.condios.co.nz or phone 0800 456 569.

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