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Papal medals awarded


Blenheim parishioner receives Papal award

Ginetta Petersen

Archbishop John presented Blenheim parishioner Mrs Sue Lott with a Papal Honour at a Confirmation Mass at St Mary’s Church Sunday, 20 September 2014.
Sue grew up in Timaru, Tauranga and Wellington and finished her Catholic schooling as a qualified short-hand typist.

While working at Radio New Zealand in Greymouth Sue met her future husband, Arnold, who was putting up a new TV transmitter at the time.

After moving with their young family from Wellington to Blenheim Sue started her work as parish secretary at St Mary’s Parish in 1989. Some 25 years later she finally hung up her computer mouse.

Sue was a major support to the priests and parish chairs. She helped implement the new Planned Giving programme, the parish accounting system, and helped various groups within the parish.

Sue was the hub of the development from the early 1990s when it was decided to upgrade the church and add more buildings in four stages. Often things happened with Sue just getting on with it.

In 1997, when Arnold passed away, his passing left a huge gap in the lives of Sue’s family and the parish. Sue continued on in the office with the support of the whole parish.

When Sue announced her retirement it was only her leaving that showed how much she did for the parish that went unnoticed over the years.
In her free time, Sue enjoys several hobbies including reading, gardening, and walking. Her love of cooking has seen her try out new recipes and give away baking as gifts at Christmas.

She loves to spend time with her children and grandchildren, who are the hub of her life.

Ginetta Petersen is parish secretary St Mary’s, Blenheim.