Tindall Funding

The Tindall Fund is administered by the Archdiocese of Wellington (ADW) – ADW is a Tindall faith funding manager and has formed an Allocation Committee. The Archdiocesan Allocation Committee is tasked with receiving applications and allocating funds. The aim of the Committee is to assist with funding Catholic and community organisations. The priority is to fund groups committed to social, pastoral, charitable and educational needs in our region. Applications are judged on the basis of need, resource availability and the fulfilment of set Tindall criteria.

The Tindall Funding Round for 2017 is now open with applications due Friday, 25th August 2017.

Last year nearly $70,000 was distributed to Catholic and community organisations from the Archdiocesan allocation.

To apply for funding, and to see the criteria for applications please see the Tindall Application Form ADW – 2017

Applications can be sent to:

The Secretary
Archdiocesan Allocation Committee
PO Box 1937
Wellington 6140