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Scholarship exam will triumph

The Catholic Education office is warning against succumbing to ‘horror stories’ about last year’s scholarship exam and allowing them to undermine the NCEA which is a separate structure.

Chief executive officer, Pat Lynch, said last month that upsets associated with the scholarship exam were ‘regrettable and understandable’ but he urged people to wait until a review of what actually happened is finished.

‘There is not too much criticism of the NCEA level three implementation in 2004it has largely gone well and this needs to be acknowledged lest the integrity of the qualification be publicly undermined.’

Br Pat said despite a few teething troubles, the scholarship exam was basically sound. ‘With the right tuning it will serve young people and the country well.’

The government was to be encouraged to try to find out what improvements were needed.

‘Learning from last year’s experience will enable new processes and structures to be put in place for 2005, to ensure that this elite examination functions effectively for our top academic students,’ Br Pat said.

And, he said, involving senior secondary school principals and senior subject teachers in a review of the scholarship exam would help the credibility of the final recommendations.