Building Warrants of Fitness for schools

Argest Technical Services (Argest) are the Archdiocese of Wellington (ADW) contractors for the issue of Building Warrants of Fitness (BWOFs).

Argest issues each school with a manual describing the features schools need to regularly maintain (and test where appropriate) such as lifts, fire alarms, and fire doors. Time is spent with the school caretaker or person responsible for completing the checks to ensure they are conversant with all the necessary tasks. This includes forwarding a postage paid card to Argest certifying that the required monthly inspections have been carried out.

If a school has to carry out work as a result of a BWOF check it is important that this is actioned immediately. The flow chart below shows the overall process. At the end of each year Argest will notify ADW of any outstanding work and we will follow up the schools concerned.

It is important to remember that it is a legal requirement to prominently display your school’s BWOF, for example, in the administration area.

If you have any queries about BWOFs or compliance issues the contact person at Argest Technical Services is Noelene McGregor Ph: 0800-274378 Email:

What is the BWOF process?

The flowchart below outlines the BWOF process carried out to ensure schools are complying with the requirements of the Building Act.

Maintaining electronic fire alarms

Argest have negotiated a sub-contract with Wormald to maintain and test electronic fire alarms types 2, 3 and 4 at a competitive rate. Schools interested in using this service need to liaise with Noelene McGregor at Argest Technical Services: ph 0800-274378 or email