Maximum Roll Increases

A proposal to increase the maximum roll of any Catholic school requires the support of the Proprietor before an application can be made to the Minister of Education. If the application is successful an adjustment to the agreed maximum roll is made through a supplementary agreement to the school’s integration agreement.

Catholic Integrated schools seeking to increase their maximum roll need to initially contact Sarita Smit, Schools Property Co-ordinator, to obtain the approval of their Proprietor. Once this is obtained the necessary application documentation can be completed and forwarded to Jenny Gordon, Vicar for Education, who will then forward it on to New Zealand Catholic Education Office (NZCEO) who will forward it on to the Ministry of Education.

Contact Sarita Smit at to gain the following forms:

  • Maximum Roll Increase Proposal Form
  • Maximum Roll Increases – Integrated Schools MoE Checklist

For more information please refer to the Handbook for Boards of Trustees of New Zealand Integrated Catholic Schools