Vetting of Contractors

The Education Amendment Act 2010 has changed the requirements contained in the Education Act 1989 (‘the Act) around Police vetting in schools and ECE services for non-teaching employees, contractors and their employees, and adult members of households where home-based education and care services are provided.

Key Changes

From 20 May 2010 all vetting for these people will be done through the New Zealand Police Licensing and Vetting Service Centre.

  • Employers will no longer be required to vet staff who does not work during normal school hours or service opening hours.
  • Contractors and their staff will need to be vetted if they have, or are likely to have, unsupervised access to students at the school or children at the ECE service during normal school hours or opening hours. The contractor provides names of staff to the school who forward to New Zealand Police for checking. The Project Manager must ensure the vetting has been completed prior to workers moving onto a school site.
  • Police vet must be obtained before staff and contractors have, or are likely to have, unsupervised access to student or children.

For more detailed information go to “Circular 2010/09 – Changes to Police Vetting requirements” on the Ministry of Education website