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Stations today

The Wellington Catholic Peacemakers have developed a contemporary way of reflecting on the Stations of the Cross which they will workshop on Friday, March 14.
Participants in small groups will reflect on the inspiration for one of the stations alongside a search through newspapers to find a story, picture, headline, cartoon or advertisement that illustrates the station’s theme and locates it in the circumstances of daily life.
The group then presents their findings to the larger group explaining their choice. The group then joins in a prayer and a song or hymn.
Each station develops a particular theme, for example:
The situation in which individuals may find themselves, and how they may have responded (like Simon and Veronica in the fifth and sixth stations).
A person, or a community, or a nation finding themselves overwhelmed by a burden too heavy to bear (the first, second and third falls under the cross in the third, seventh and ninth stations).
The persecution of those who challenge existing power structures (being nailed to a cross in the 11th station).
This Way of the Cross may be shared with anyone who wishes to follow this process or who wishes to modify it for their own use.
May we be changed as we participate in the Way of the Cross this Lent.
For more information phone Clare O’Connor 4788575 or email clare@cenacle.org.nz.
The Wellington Peacemakers’ Way of the Cross will be workshopped on Friday, March 14, 7 – 8pm at the Compassion Centre, Tory Street. Everyone is welcome.