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Synod ‘17

WelCom September 2018:

The Archdiocesan Synod took place in September last year. Cardinal John Dew says, ‘Almost a year on from the Archdiocesan Synod I am thrilled to hear people in parishes speaking about how they are putting Synod decisions into practise, how they are reflecting on areas they are sent to and about issues parishes are sent to work on in the society around us.’

‘It is heartening to hear people speaking about continuing to use the Synod’s discernment process in their parishes, and for some in their own work places and in their families.’

‘Realistically I have known it will take time to put into place all the decisions and priorities the Synod reflected on. I believe a good deal has been achieved already. I also know any change takes time and patience. I encourage people to keep working on these decisions and I am very grateful for what has been done so far.’