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The door is open


Archbishop John Dew
1 December 2012

The Year of Faith is opening the doors of new discoveries, new possibilities for all of us. One of these doors is to the door to reconciliation, to forgiveness, and the experience of new life and joy.

At the Synod in Rome in October I met Bishop Michael Campbell of Lancaster, England who shared the experience of having the Sacrament of Reconciliation, Rite 1, available all throughout his diocese, at a set time every Wednesday of Lent. The initiative worked amazingly well – not huge numbers to be sure, but for many, the opportunity to experience anew the healing mercy and peace of the Sacrament. We discussed this at the recent meeting of the Council of Priests, and will be offering this service throughout the archdiocese in Lent 2013.

In some parishes, we see a notice about this Sacrament being offered ‘by appointment’. I have asked a number of people if they would phone to make an appointment. All of them preferred a set time. In Lent 2013, each parish will offer the First Rite of Reconciliation, 7.30 – 8.30pm each Wednesday.

‘The door is open for you’ to expe­rience anew the mercy, healing and peace of this Sacrament.