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Theatre of the Oppressed

Among the more than 450 free concerts, art exhibitions, and forums on offer at World Youth Day the Columban youth Theatre of the Oppressed depicts real life situations of struggle.

Children and young people being trafficked and exploited for sexual purposes are some of the people the Theatre of the Oppressed introduces to WYD participants.

Using dance, drama and music, young people from Australia, Brazil and the Philippines seek to raise consciousness about exploitation. Maintaining that everyone has a right to live in dignity, the Columban youth use theatre to transform and empower.
‘We hope to inspire solidarity, action and involvement,’ they say.

Some members play out their own experiences. Their musical play tells a powerful story of courage and resistance to abuse and exploitation.
The show presents their perspectives and critical analysis of social issues.

From the third largest city in Brazil, Salvadorean Afro-Brazilians tell through dance of their ancestors’ experience of slavery and of their own experience of racial discrimination and prejudice. Of Salvador’s population, 85 percent are descended from African slaves.
For more information, www.columban.org.au/world-youth-day-2008.html.