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Vatican II and The Holy Spirit


4 February 2013

Dominican theologian Helen Bergin has had a particular interest in the Holy Spirit and how the Holy Spirit works through events in the world and in the Church since starting to publish articles on this subject more than 12 years ago.

Sr Helen is key speaker in this month’s Wellington Archdiocesan Symposium, Joy and Hope – Vatican 2day, which celebrates 50 years since the opening of the Second Vatican Council.

In a paper entitled ‘Seeking the Holy Spirit within writings of Vatican II: what the Holy Spirit might be saying to the churches today’, Sr Helen will explore several key ideas about the working of the Spirit in major writings of this ground-breaking council and hopes to inspire discussion about how some insights might be taken up in today’s Church.

The symposium will also bring together four local speakers, the archdiocesan advisor for Liturgy Fr Patrick Bridgman, the director of the Catholic Institute Dr Anne Tuohy, Caritas director Julianne Hickey and Missionz (Pontifical Mission Society) director Fr Bernard Espiritu who will address the symposium on the four main documents of Vatican II. Workshops will provide opportunities for discussion on the questions the addresses raise.