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Young and Catholic with chocolate

What does it mean to be a young Catholic these days? Who better to ask than our young chaps themselves?
Here’s what the Holy Molies of Ss Peter and Paul Parish, Lower Hutt, had to say about it:
Sep10YouthHoly_Molies.jpg  ‘… to be involved in our local parish and help others too’
‘…being able to interact with other young Catholics and knowing we are not the only ones’
‘…we come together to have fun’
‘…to go to church and learn the Catholic way’
‘Faith, fun, Jesus, God, food.’
‘…having faith and expressing it with others’
‘…being a caring and welcoming parish community’
‘Catholic values in our everyday life’
‘…having fun while expressing your faith, prayer, eating and thanking God’
‘…being a Catholic family’
‘…respecting who you are and what you believe’
‘…valuing God’s creation’
‘…we come together as youth to have fun and eat chocolate. We share our faith with laughs of joy and help out the community.’
If you’re a youngster, 11-13 years, who thinks this sounds pretty cool, come to Ss Peter and Paul Church, Lower Hutt, every Sunday fortnight from 4:00-5:30pm for some awesome games and a bit of Young Catholic stuff, too – and maybe even some of that chocolate! And if you’re not so young anymore, don’t worry – watch us at Ss Peter and Paul for a few great new youth initiatives. Email us at hutt.enlight@gmail.com for more info. Ka pai!