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Youth Reflection: Stage Challenge

August 2014


Livvy Mitchell, Nina Bello, Michaela Morrison and Anna Hinderwell

When you are failed by the Justice System, what should you do? After being wrongfully convicted you are deprived of a second chance of normality. Our society can neglect those who are victimised by the law. In the end you may be proven innocent, but a miscarriage of justice is still a life sentence.

This was the setting for a 2014 stage production directed by Livvy Mitchell, Nina Bello, Michaela Morrison and Anna Hinderwell of St Mary’s College, Wellington, which was part of the Stage Challenge theatre competition earlier this year.

Stage Challenge is 100 percent student led – from the mission of fundraising, to the theme, selection, costume and set design, choreography, lighting and to bringing the whole production together.

On Tuesday 27 May at TSB Bank Arena St Mary’s College performed their Stage Challenge production about wrongful convictions in the New Zealand Justice System. A cast of 96 girls had been committed and dedicated to the cause since early February, while the four directors Nina Bello, Michaela Morrison, Anna Hinderwell and Livvy Mitchell had been planning the production since December 2013.

On the morning of the competition we surprised the cast with a progress video we showed them at 6am. There was laughter, smiles and tears of joy as we reflected on all the hard work we had put into the production and the realisation it was about to come to an end. We had an enjoyable day of rehearsals, chanting, bonding and preparing for the big show. In the end, St Mary’s was placed third and were awarded 10 awards of excellence.

Our experience would not have been the same without the support and encouragement from our cast, staff and students of St Mary’s College and our community.

For this we thank you dearly. We could not be more proud of our girls and will always treasure the sisterly bond we have created throughout this amazing journey.

Livvy Mitchell, Nina Bello, Michaela Morrison and Anna Hinderwell are St Mary’s College students and 2014 Stage Challenge directors.