Tindall Funding round open

The Tindall Foundation recognises the strength of families and communities, and supports them and our natural environment to thrive, now and in the future.

Every year the Tindall Foundation gives the Catholic dioceses of New Zealand funds to distribute on its behalf. These funds are divided between the dioceses on the basis of the size of the Catholic population of each diocese.

The 2019 Funding Round for the Archdiocese of Wellington’s share of the Tindall funds is now open. The funding is handled by the Archdiocesan Allocation Committee.

Parish groups, agencies and church organisations which provide a helping hand by supporting families and social services are now able to apply for the annual Tindall Funding through the Archdiocesan Allocation Committee.

The priority is to fund Catholic and community organisations who are working in areas identified as priorities by The Tindall Foundation and aligned with the Archdiocesan goals.

We are charged, by the Archbishop, with the funding support of groups committed to social, pastoral, charitable and educational needs in our region. Applications are judged on the basis of need, resource availability and the fulfillment of set criteria.

Applications are now open and are due on Friday 30th August 2019. Application forms can be found here or contact Joanne Gomez at Tindall@wn.catholic.org.nz or 04 496 1762.