A poem about teachers

This poem talks about when a child’s central reference point moves from the parent to the teacher.

I thought I was important till the day Max started school

He used to look in awe at me at just how much I knew

But now he’s got my marker there’s a new kid on the block

This kid is called his teacher and she knows an awful lot

The questions I now face at home get harder by the day

As Max grows up I thank the teachers for all’≈°√É‚Äû’¬†the things they say

Max still thinks I’m important I’ve just had a change in’≈°√É‚Äû’¬†role

I’m now a student just like him remembering’≈°√É‚Äû’¬†all I know

As I’≈°√É‚Äû’¬†grew up my teachers taught me all I needed to know’≈°√É‚Äû’¬†

Today they are helping Max’≈°√É‚Äû’¬†attain and grow and grow and grow…

Neil Christensen, BOT Treasurer, St Theresa’s Plimmerton