Spreading the Pentecost message by balloon

Good news items written on dove-shaped papers were attached to balloons and released into the atmosphere.

Around Pentecost this year St Francis de Sales School, Island Bay, talked about spreading the good news at its weekly assembly.

For the rest of the week every time the children saw some good news about the way people behave at St Francis they were to write it on a dove shape.

Spreading the Pentecost message by balloon Archdiocese of Wellington In the following week these were attached to balloons and released as a way of spreading the good news about the school just as the disciples did after Pentecost.

At the Catholic Schools’ Day Liturgy new entrants received a special blessing from parish priest Fr Geoff Broad to welcome them into the school community. They were then given a certificate and a huge round of applause.

During the Jesus strand of the religious studies curriculum, the Year 1 children shared a meal in the way Jesus might have with his family and friends.

The children dressed in traditional clothes and prayed before they ate. I have never seen so much dried fruit!

The school’s mission fair this year was held to support a school in Papua New Guinea. The fair was organised and run by the children and we raised over $1100.