The Christian vision of the family

The Christian family is a community of people, a sign and image of the communion of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

In the procreating and educating children, it fully participates in God’s work of creation.
The family is called to enter into the prayer and sacrifice of Christ. Daily prayer and the reading of the Word of God strengthen it in charity.

“The Christian family has an evangelising and missionary task”.

Catechism of the Catholic Church n.2205

altSupport for the family

As well as the support the parish community offers, there are various voluntary groups and agencies in the archdiocese which support families.

The Passionist Family Group movement is present in many parishes in the archdiocese. The aim of the movement is to build Christian community through the development of extended families. With loneliness and isolation so prevalent in our society, people genuinely need to know and support each other. Family groups are open to everyone creating an extended family atmosphere within the community. Further details may be found on each parish’s website.

“I belonged to a Widowed, Separated and Divorced group, a support group for others in grief. I felt welcomed and accepted. I shared my own experiences and listened to others in a similar situation in being separated. Within the group I was relaxed while I was still cautious with those outside.”

Synod 2006

altCatholic Social Services offers families a range of services including helping those who have gone through a family breakup.

Marriage encounter programmes have helped many people, participants and leaders, rediscover themselves in the context of a profound relationship – marriage.

‘Marriage Encounter leadership experience was a true feeling of being called to be Church, we were empowered…
…The power of the Holy Spirit could be seen to be working among the people. We found that if you step out in faith with the Lord, he will meet you and it is always a privilege and a joy.’

Pre-synod interviews, 2006

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