Becoming Catholic

Journey of Faith

For those who are adults or children of an older age, the journey to baptism or reception into the Catholic Church is found in the Order of Christian Initiation of Adults, and is usually referred to as the Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults or ‘RCIA’.  These are best described as a journey of faith which passes through a number of different phases and focuses on conversion of heart and mind to Christ. It is a gradual journey tailored to the needs of the individual – no ‘one-size-fits-all’.

Candidates may meet regularly with a group of people from the parish to learn about Catholic belief and practice. Various rituals are held in the church at important points along the way.






Local Catholic parishes welcome those thinking of becoming Catholic and some hold regular inquiry sessions for those who want to know more about the Catholic Church or who may be interested in becoming a Catholic.  Some people may then choose to embark on the RCIA journey.

Find out more

To find out more about becoming a Catholic Christian, contact your local Catholic parish, or another Catholic parish which you are likely to attend, and ask to speak to a parish priest, lay pastoral leader or person responsible for the RCIA. A full list of parishes in the Archdiocese of Wellington is available here.

The Archdiocesan representative on the National RCIA Network is Joe Green.  To contact Joe email

For more information on what Catholics believe you can phone the Catholic Enquiry Centre on (04) 385 8518 or visit their website