Vocation Stories and Reflections on Priesthood

Hear it in their own words…

“The Diocesan Priesthood is an incredible way to live our Christian life. In the midst of people’s lives we gather the community together to celebrate Christ’s presence. From baptisms to requiems, from heart attack to celebration, there with people, the priest gives and receives love, and grows ever closer to the Lord. “
Fr Patrick Bridgman

“To be an instrument of God’s love in this way is a gift and privilege beyond words. When I stand at the altar and see the faith of the people of God, gathered to be nourished by the word of God and the Eucharist, I am humbled to be called to priesthood.”
Fr David Dowling

“I am truly grateful for the influences on me from people who belong to the Lord. What a world it would be if we handed it on.”                   Fr Alan Roberts


“All of us are on the journey towards God. Sometimes we lose the way and we do not know where we are supposed to go. But if we just stop what we are doing and listen carefully with our heart, we can hear Jesus whisper to us deep in our heart. And this whisper will lead us in the right direction. We just need to trust him and remember his words, ‘Come follow me’.”                                                   Fr Andrew Kim

“We had an ordinary conversation, until something made her say to me “I don’t know, you probably will make something great out of your pharmacy career, but have you ever considered ‘The Vocation’”…..  it wasn’t until I attended a Chrism Mass in Wellington a few years later, that the notion of priesthood felt tangible, when the priests of the Archdiocese renewed their vocational promises. Remembering the love I received… I felt a niggle to respond….”  Seminarian Alfred Tong

“… despite getting excellent performance appraisals and promising career prospects, I was feeling restless, for work soon proved meaningless and unfulfilling….  I realized how in all my previous years of serving in Church as a catechist or youth group mentor, as well as in journeying with different people through their various struggles and problems, I had unknowingly developed a deeper love for God’s people, along with a deeper desire to belong to them and serve them as a priest.”    Singapore Seminarian Nicholas Lye