Share our living faith

The Archdiocese of Wellington is a diverse and passionate community, grounded in the teachings of Jesus Christ and committed to education and lifelong growth in faith. We are reflective, Spirit-filled people, confident in the knowledge of our own faith, outward-looking and mission-oriented, interacting, learning and sharing with people of all beliefs, ages and cultures.

In the Archdiocese of Wellington, we hope that:

  • Every person is committed to a culture of life-long learning.
  • Our needs are met through a variety of media that embrace the most effective technology in a way that meets people’s demands and is accessible.
  • Small groups of all ages, cultures and faiths meet to pray, share, discuss relevant issues, and deepen their knowledge and understanding of God’s revelation.
  • Educational programmes identify and nourish gifts within the community and encourage their use.
  • Our leaders in ministry receive ongoing formation and have access to the resources they need.
  • New ministries develop to meet identified faith needs.
  • People are supported and educated at key transition points in their lives.
  • Our schools and parishes have a vibrant relationship with each other, sharing liturgies, resources (buildings, time, gifts) and stories.
  • Families who enrol in schools or sacramental programmes receive ongoing support and help in faith development.
  • Youth and Young Adults are enthusiastic, involved and participating because their faith needs are being met in an appropriate way and place.
  • There is ongoing research into the issues of modern life (e.g., bioethics) and educational resources for disseminating the insights.
  • We have a body of expertise which feeds into Pastoral Areas and parish centres.
    People are excited by their knowledge of social justice teaching and are responding to the social and moral issues of the day.