”When we were first married we were asked to help with the parish Confirmation programme. We felt welcomed and trusted even though we were young and new to the parish. We were asked to talk to a group about being newlyweds and felt our contribution was valued and acknowledged by the Church. The experience allowed us to learn more about our own marriage. It taught us that young people require a practical approach and that young people minister well to others of the same age.”
Synod 2006

altThrough Baptism Catholics are called into the mission of the Church to promote the reign of God, continuing the mission of Jesus and the Holy Spirit. This mission brings kingdom values of peace, justice, forgiveness and love to the work of transforming the world to align with the person and vision of Jesus Christ

Catholics recognise and value the impact of their everyday witness as faith-filled disciples of Jesus by seeking to establish loving relationships with others and working to build a better world.

The Archdiocese of Wellington…

…is a diverse and passionate community, grounded in the teachings of Jesus Christ and committed to education and lifelong growth in faith. We are reflective, spirit-filled people, confident in the knowledge of our own faith, outward-looking and mission orientated, interacting, learning and sharing with people of all beliefs, ages and cultures.

ADW Synod, 2006


This witness takes two basic forms:

  1. Proclamation: proclaiming the good news of Jesus through celebration of the liturgy, by word of mouth to others and through the example of lives faithful to the Gospel
  2. Dialogue: engaging in dialogue that leads to collaboration and action in working for social justice and social welfare to improve our world and alleviate the sufferings of others.

Both forms of evangelisation can be undertaken as individuals or as a community (eg parish or archdiocesan) effort.

Examples of some individual evangelisation initiatives include:

  • Speaking about the importance of your faith to family and friends
  • Offering to pray and intercede for the needs of others
  • Standing up for what you believe in at your workplace
  • Supporting campaigns that respect the rights and needs of others
  • Being active in pursuing justice, peace and environmental issues

Examples of some community evangelisation initiatives include:

  • Parish teams running outreach programmes that seek to promote a better understanding of the person and vision of Jesus
  • Collaborating with other Christian churches, community groups or networks to address a public issue with a Christian viewpoint (eg euthanasia or land rights debate)
  • Parish involvement in local community projects to help the poor (eg roster for local meals on wheels, St Vincent de Paul etc) or in social justice work to question the structures that keep people in poverty
  • Media campaigns inviting others to come and learn about Jesus and about their community as a God-centred one

Catholic Enquiry Centre or Archdiocesan Pastoral Services for more information or resources