Low cost counselling and social work

Held within a network of solidarity and belonging. Pope Francis: Laudato Si’ #147

The counselling and social work team of Catholic social services work alongside individuals and families struggling with the challenges of living, from dealing with depression and anxiety, to managing anger, relationship issues and violence in families.  They are there to support people so they can build resilience and start to flourish again in families and communities.

What do we do?

• Counselling and therapy for individuals, families and couples.
• Support to refugee and migrant families.
• Anger management and violence prevention for individuals.
• Grief and loss support related to death, abortion and relationship issues.
• Living without violence programmes
• Programmes to support women in violent relationships.
• General community and social work support to families/whanau in need.
• School Social Work.

What will it cost?

For counselling, we operate on a donation basis.  People are not turned away because of their financial circumstances.  Our social work services are free.

Recommended contribution per session
Waged (individual or couple)          $40 (minimum)
Unwaged or part-time                     $20
Counselling studies requirement    $40
Court report required                      $40
We are grateful to those clients who are able to contribute more than the $40 minimum.

To request an appointment with CSS counsellors and social workers, please contact reception@wn-catholicsocialservices.org.nz ph 385-8642