Marriage Tribunal

The main work of the Church’s  Tribunal ( a word meaning  a “ Court” )  is to assist with the  pastoral care of divorced and remarried persons seeking to have their marriage recognised in the Church, divorced persons seeking to remarry, and divorced persons seeking clarification of their standing in the Church.

Each of New Zealand’s six dioceses has an office of the Tribunal. Cardinal John Dew is the Moderator of the Tribunal in New Zealand.  His role is to oversee the pastoral orientation of each of the Diocesan Tribunals, and to assist the judges in each diocese with their duties.

In Catholic teaching, the valid marriage between two baptised Christians is a sacrament, a living sign of God’s presence and action in our midst.   Every marriage matters, because marriage comes from the hand of God. God brings a man and a woman together to love and support each other, through a life-long commitment to each other and the children they may have.

But we also know that many Catholic marriages end in separation or divorce, and the pastoral care of the church extends to these families through the work of the Tribunal

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