Parishes in the future

A future full of hope
Reimagining the Archdiocese of Wellington

(cf Jer 29:11)

12noon, 31 October 2013

From Archbishop John

Dear Friends
Hundreds of people have taken part in discussions and consultations relating to the document I published in May, “A Future Full of Hope”. The responses bear the results of deep reflection and fervent prayer, for which I am very grateful. It is very clear that the discussions were accompanied by a sense of excitement and with great energy and passion, which are wonderful gifts to bring to the life of the Church.

Please continue your prayers, individually and in your parish Masses and all other gatherings for the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Above all remember that “God, who has no History because He is eternal, desired to make History by walking alongside His people. But even more than that, He decided to become one of us, and as one of us, to walk with us through Jesus.” It is now our time to let God take up his pen and write again our personal history and that of our parishes.

With deep personal gratitude, good wishes, every blessing, and my prayers for you all.

Yours sincerely in the Lord

+John A Dew
Archbishop of Wellington


The promulgation document released in 2013 is available for download.